2Sherpa announces global partnerships with The Wundaba Group and Lions & Tigers to help companies grow smarter across borders

2Sherpa’s revolutionary online assessment tool, the 2Sherpa Smart Growth Scan™,  will be brought to international markets through a new partnership with UK-based Lions & Tigers and The Wundaba Group based in Singapore.

Singapore – November 23, 2015:  2Sherpa, developer of the revolutionary online assessment tool Smart Growth Scan™, announced today the addition of two new certified business partners. UK-based Lions & Tigers Ltd and The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd in Singapore who will jointly distribute the Smart Growth Scan™ to international markets.

2Sherpa’s Smart Growth Scan™ is a revolutionary online  tool that assists companies in assessing how prepared they are for expansion across borders. The Smart Growth Scan™ consists of 160+ questions covering all of an organisation’s business practices. The results of the Smart Growth Scan™ are reported back in a customised report with robust and deep insights to help companies close the gaps in their business for smarter growth abroad.

“Our Smart Growth Scan™ is based on the principles of the Capability Maturity Model, a proven methodology which offers top management the smartest way towards international growth,” said Patrick Nelissen, co-founder and CEO of 2Sherpa. “With the Smart Growth Scan™ organisations receive real insights into the maturity of their organisation related to the strengths and weaknesses needed to successfully grow abroad.”

“We are proud to be awarded the status of certified business partners by 2Sherpa and the opportunity to help bring the Smart Growth Scan™ to international markets,” added Graham Davies, Managing Director of Lions & Tigers Ltd. “Lions & Tigers and the Wundaba Group are jointly helping many organisations expand abroad, with a focus on UK companies moving into South East Asia, and 2Sherpa’s unique online platform is a perfect addition to our existing portfolio of services.”

“Using the 2Sherpa Smart Growth Scan™ to assess a client’s readiness to move abroad will be the starting point of any client journey and ultimately result in a much more effective market expansion plan,” concluded Frank Doreleijers, managing director of The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd.

About 2Sherpa

2SHERPA is a name packed with meaning.While Sherpas are highly regarded as elite mountaineers they bring a holistic approach to partnering with their clients and respecting the local terrain. The number 2 has a spiritual meaning of exchange. It recognises partnerships and values the multiple ways that we communicate.

At 2SHERPA, we believe that every company should have access to the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to enter new markets. With our online intelligent Smart Growth Scan and Local Partner Network it is no longer necessary to invest in costly and time-consuming resources to prepare for international expansion.

Further information can be found at www.2sherpa.com

About Lions & Tigers Ltd

Lions & Tigers is a UK-based business consultancy that maintains a network of partners across the Asia Pacific region and in the UK that helps UK companies build their presence in Southeast Asia, and companies from Southeast Asia to expand into the UK.  

It evaluates market opportunities for new products and services.  It helps to create plans for market entry.  Crucially, it works as a trusted partner to execute those plans, including working in-country on an interim basis to set up new offices, sales channels, sourcing and distribution channels, and delivery capacity.

Further information can be found at www.lionsandtigers.eu.

About The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd

Entering new geographical markets is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities companies can do to grow their business.  But it’s often easier said than done, especially for SME organisations that do not have the bandwidth, resources and knowledge available.

The Wundaba Group (TWG), headquartered in Singapore, is founded by a team of international business development specialists passionate about helping such organisations expand beyond their home markets.  It specializes in helping companies that provide duty-of-care and people risk management solutions and services.

Further information can be found at www.wundabagroup.com.




Lions & Tigers Ltd

The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd

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