Cracker123 partners with Lions & Tigers and The Wundaba Group to “crack” global markets.

The ground-breaking Cracker123 software product suite ( will be brought to international markets through a new partnership between Cracker123 Limited, UK-based Lions & Tigers, and The Wundaba Group based in Singapore.

Lions & Tigers and The Wundaba Group will use their extensive network of contacts and experience in Europe and the Asia Pacific region to bring the Cracker123 product suite to these new international markets.

Manchester, United Kingdom and Singapore – September 21, 2015:  The UK company, Cracker123 Ltd, today announced partnerships with UK-based Lions & Tigers Ltd (L&T) and The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd (TWG) in Singapore for worldwide distribution of the Cracker123 product suite. As part of this agreement, L&T will develop and execute a global international business development strategy for Cracker123, supported by TWG in the Asia Pacific Region.

Lions & Tigers global business development strategy will revolve around Cracker123’s key product groups, which include the world’s first online OHSAS18001 international Health & Safety standard compliant software. The key product groups are:

Health & Safety enabling business compliance with globally recognized OHSAS18001 standards, and removing the risk of successful prosecutions through non-existent or inadequate H&S policies and procedures.

Human Resources enabling business compliance with UK-based employment law, with a full audit trail of dispute resolution and HR policy history that provides legal protection in resolving employment issues.

Tendering providing the world’s first global tendering system to review and respond to international tenders with automatic language translation capabilities and a full audit trail, making businesses competitive in answering public tenders in non-English speaking countries.

Keyboard Interpreter enabling automatic keyboard translations with a full audit trail to facilitate sensitive and important face to face communication between the public and health service staff, the police, the courts, and immigration services, amongst many others, reducing the need to find and retain expensive professional language interpreter services.

“To compete globally, businesses have to comply with the highest international standards, which boost their credibility.  However, poor health and safety and employment practices often get in the way.”said Paul Horan, creator of Cracker123.  Language barriers are another obstacle to international business and effective face to face communication.  Cracker123 offers a smarter way of working that enables unified compliance with international standards across global operations, and helps businesses compete in non-English speaking countries.”  said Horan.  “We are now looking forward to working with Lions &Tigers and The Wundaba Group to make our products available around the world.”

“We are proud to be awarded this contract and the opportunity to help bring this unique software platform to international markets,” added Graham Davies, Managing Director of Lions & Tigers Ltd.  “We already have extensive experience of helping UK software providers to expand abroad and our partnership with TWG means that we now have a partner in Asia to fuel Cracker123’s growth across the region.”

About Cracker123

Cracker123 is the trade name used by Cracker123 Ltd, which is owned by Matheson and Horan Associates Limited, to provide public and private sector employers with its on-line human resources and health & safety software systems, and its public tender translation and language interpretation solutions.  The systems can be used by clients, large and small, across all industry sectors for example: Building, Construction, Care Sector, Engineering, Hotels, Restaurants, Manufacturing, IT, Motor Trade, Transport, Recruitment, Medical, Distribution, Retail, etc.  In addition, the health & safety system is OHSAS18001 compliant.  This is an internationally recognized health & safety management standard that can be adopted anywhere in the world.

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About Lions & Tigers Ltd

Lions & Tigers is a UK-based business consultancy that maintains a network of partners across the Asia Pacific region and in the UK that helps UK companies build their presence in Southeast Asia, and companies from Southeast Asia to expand into the UK.  It evaluates market opportunities for new products and services.  It helps to create plans for market entry.  Crucially, it works as a trusted partner to execute those plans, including working in-country on an interim basis to set up new offices, sales channels, sourcing and distribution channels, and delivery capacity.

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About The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd

Entering new geographical markets is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities companies can do to grow their business.  But it’s often easier said than done, especially for SME organisations that do not have the bandwidth, resources and knowledge available.

The Wundaba Group (TWG), headquartered in Singapore, is founded by a team of international business development specialists passionate about helping such organisations expand beyond their home markets.  It specializes in helping companies that provide duty-of-care and people risk management solutions and services.

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Cracker123 Ltd

  • Sovereign House, Stockport Road, Stockport SK8 2EA, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Paul Horan, Director: +44(0)161-428-9676. (M): +44(0)7891-803-125.

Lions & Tigers Ltd

  • Victoria House, 26 Queen Victoria Street, Reading RG1 1TG, Berkshire, United Kingdom
  • Graham Davies, Director: +44 (0)79 2517 6329.

The Wundaba Group Pte Ltd

  • 30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712
  • Frank Doreleijers, Director: +65 9650 7217.


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