Is your company ready to set sail? The Wundaba Group guides you to new shores.

what we do?

We open doors and help companies grow globally.

Is your company already dominating your home market and now looking for ways to grow your business?

Expanding abroad is then often the most logical answer. But moving across borders is often easier said than done. Especially for SME-type of organisations that do not have the bandwidth, resources and knowledge readily available move into new markets.

So where to start?

This is when you need the Wundaba Group. We have a proven track-record of helping companies grow their business into Asia. Our expertise is to work with companies that provide duty-of-care, security and (people) risk management solutions. Clients include for example companies that provide travel safety assistance, crisis management software and HSE consulting providers.

Sounds interesting? We thought it might. So read on how we help to grow our clients globally and why they choose to work with us.

How we do it?

Like a tailor-made suit our solutions are bespoke.

Why clients choose us?

Simple. We know the "nuts & bolts" of expanding across borders.
Helping companies grow globally is what drives us.
  • Passion

    We are a group of business development specialists with a passion for setting up businesses in new markets.

  • Experience

    All our consultants are experienced and seasoned international business development specialists.

  • Proven track-record

    We are not all talk and no action. Just look at some of our clients and partners that we are helping to grow globally.


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Sounds Interesting?

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